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Summer Home Maintenance List

June 30, 2022

by Bridget Blonde


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A home is the most valuable asset most people have. That's only one of the reasons regular home maintenance is so important. Home maintenance saves money in comparison to repair costs - especially long weekend repair costs! Maintaining your home helps it run as efficiently as possible. Keeping your home maintained also helps it keep and even grow it's value. Read my list of suggested summer home maintenance tasks.

  1. Check your home security. Ensure all window and door locks are functioning properly in your home, garage and any outbuildings. Ensure any security cameras you use are properly functioning. Because of vacations, summer is a popular time for break-ins. To help your home not be a target, do not post your travel plans on social media.

  2. Clean your windows. Don't let a winter's worth of dirt and grime block the views of your gorgeous surroundings! Don't clean windows while the sun is shining directly on them - this will prevent streaks. Use commercial cleaners like Windex, or a vinegar and water mix with paper towels or newspapers, or a microfibre cloth set.

  3. If you use a water softener, make sure it's working properly. Top up the salt.

  4. Drain your water heater. Completely draining your water heater once a year will help it last longer and run efficiently. However, if you have never emptied your water heater, or it's been many years, never do this before speaking to a professional plumber about it.

  5. Hang wasp traps away from eating areas. This will help you and your guests enjoy your outdoor spaces more by luring them away from the areas you use.

  6. Beat the heat with weather stripping on your doors, windows and garage doors. You can also use heavy room darkening curtains and blinds to keep heat and sunlight out on especially hot days.

  7. Check expiration date on your fire extinguisher(s). Replace any that are expired.

  8. Clean your BBQ grill. We all know how much use it gets in the summer months and this is the best way to keep your food tasting great and eliminate fire risk


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