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What's that smell?

December 22, 2022

by Bridget Blonde


Nest Realty Inc. Brokerage

When selling your house, one of the things you need to think about is how it smells. There are good smells and bad smells when you are trying to sell your house. Here is a breakdown:

The smell of "clean". Scents like lemon, Pledge, fresh air, and fresh linen are nice, fresh, and clean smells. An overwhelming smell of PineSol or bleach is not. Having your house smell clean and fresh is what you're aiming for. Not an antiseptic, hospital smell.

Food. Again, within reason. The smell of baking is always a winner. So are comforting smells like a pot roast or a roasted chicken. Another great food smell is simmering slices of citrus fruit with cinnamon cloves on the stove. A super spicy, curry, or strong smell of fried foods is a turn-off for buyers.

Pets. Pets are a part of life for many North-American families. We just don't want to smell them! Wet dog and cat litter are definitely things you don't want to smell. Animal urine is an especially bad smell.

Marijuana. Weed is legal in Canada and in many states. Yet, the smell of the plant or of smoking the plant continues to repel lots of people. When trying to sell your house, it's best to plant, store, and use all marijuana outside of your house.

Cigarette smoke. As smoking became less common, nonsmokers have become more sensitive to the smell. Now that you can't smoke inside most public places, you are much more likely to notice the smell of smoke indoors. Besides, everyone knows that this is a hard smell to get rid of. Soft decor like window coverings and carpets need replacement. And usually, walls need to be cleaned and painted to get rid of the smell. Not everyone is willing to take on this job.

In summary, do your best to rid your house of offensive smells. And with pleasant smells, less is more!


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