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Before Buying a House.png
Before Buying a House.png

Once you've completed these steps, we are ready to start the process of finding you a house!

First we'll chat so that I understand exactly what you are looking for and I'll answer all your questions. We can do this at my office or your home, by email or text, or in a zoom meeting - whichever is the most comfortable for you!

Once I have all that information, I analyze the market to find homes that fit your specific needs and wants. But, there's more! The value of working with a realtor when you are buying a home is getting information beyond the listing. I won't only show you how a property fits your criteria, I'll also show you how it might not fit too. I also have access to off-market and upcoming listings that haven't hit the internet yet that I can show you.

Another great thing that happens when we work together is that I'll understand what you want more and more every day. This means your home search will be completely customized for you. And you have a professional who's dedicated to your best interest on your side!

Once you've found your dream home, I'll write an offer that helps you get the property and protect your best interests. I do this in consultation with you and ensure you are fully informed before your offer is submitted.

Negotiations and waiting for other people to make decisions can be very stressful! This is the hardest part of home buying. I aim to reduce home-buying stress as much as I possibly can.

Suburb Houses

Click the link below for my Buyer's guide!


Here you will find links to all of my current listings! Click the button below to submit any questions.

Brand New Kitchen
Modern Interior Design

"Working with Bridget was smooth, fun and easy. She was friendly, gave us great insight into the city and what to expect in the housing market in CK. Bridget helped us through many challenges we faced in the closing of our home and we were so thankful to have her in CK while we transition from Toronto ."

- Ashley R.

Grey Wall and Bookshelf

"Amazing amazing amazing! Bridget was so patient with us and always made sure we were feeling good about the process. Her communication was always quick and she really makes you feel well cared for. Its been a crazy market but Bridget was always optimistic with us and gave us so much knowledge on what to look for and made sure we never settled. Just an amazing realtor! We cannot recommend her enough!!"

-Evelyne A

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