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Fall Home Maintenance

August 25, 2022

by Bridget Blonde


Nest Realty Inc. Brokerage

Fall is all about fresh starts! Home maintenance is not the most exciting topic but, it's definitely a necessity when it comes to keeping what is likely your most valuable asset in tip top shape. Below is a list of recommended fall home maintenance tasks:

  1. Wash and lubricate your garage door(s). Giving your garage door(s) a good cleaning increases curb appeal and helps prevent permanent staining. Where I live in southwestern Ontario, the end of summer is often storm season and that can kick up a lot of dirt, especially from farm fields that most towns are surrounded by. Before the cold weather comes is a great time to get rid of all that dirt and dust. Lubricating or greasing the moving parts of your garage door(s) help it run smoother and quieter. This is a DIY job and you can find plenty of YouTube videos to explain the process.

  2. Check around your house and garage for areas where critters could get in. Do this BEFORE the weather turns cold or you will be too late. Fill any gaps or holes with a foam sealant or steel wool. If you find signs of a bigger or ongoing problem, contact a professional. Your local REALTOR© can give you recommendations.

  3. Plant spring bulbs. This is a favourite fall task of mine! September and October are the perfect times to plan out your spring blooms and plant the bulbs.

  4. Service yard equipment. Maintenance of your yard equipment before you store it for the winter will help it last longer, decrease repair bills, and make for an easier spring. Check your equipment manuals for the specific maintenaThe nce requirement of each piece. Storing all of these items in a cool dry area is key.

  5. Freshen up your refrigerator. Toss out expired items and give your fridge a good cleaning. Now it's ready for all the yummy holiday baking ahead!

  6. Clear out expired meds and vitamins. Bring them to your pharmacy for proper disposal - this is a free service. Flushing them down the toilet allows the chemicals and vitamins to enter our water supply.

  7. Create a household plan for natural disasters. We have seen drought, lots of forest fires and hurricanes all in 2022. Natural disasters occur all around us so be ready and be prepared. A fire evacuation plan for your household is a must. I recommend keeping first aid/emergency kits in your home and car. For more detailed disaster and evacuation preparation, The Canadian Red Cross has great resources at

  8. Clean and decorate your front entryway. Clean your front door and remove the summer dust and grime that collected on it. Once it's clean, replace the front porch summer decorations with fall decor. If you're struggling to be inspired, you can find lots of decor ideas on Pinterest or at your local garden centre.

Do you have any fall maintenance tips that I've missed? Drop me a line and fill me in!


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